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Studio Wolphi is a team of two: Marta Hryniuk and Nick Thomas. Between us, we offer a range of production and post-production services for video, audio and photography. We’re based in Rotterdam and work throughout the Netherlands and surrounding countries.


We have worked with artists and institutions of all kinds, and have a range of skills suited to diverse applications. From camera and location sound, to colour grading and mixing, we can help you with different aspects of a project, or simply take care of the whole process. For larger jobs, we have a network of fellow professionals we can call on and coordinate on your behalf.


Previously, we've worked on short films, video installations, documentaries, tutorials, podcasts and event photography, to name a few. We approach each job as a collaboration, and adjust what we do according to the needs of the client. 


We’re always open to new challenges, so whatever your project looks like, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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