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Audio is not just an important component of filmmaking, but an exciting medium in its own right. We’re right at home when it comes to sound, and have worked on podcasts, audio installations in galleries and sound mixes for short films, among others. 


If you want to step up your audio game, we can give you tailored advice and solutions to suit your budget. Get in touch via the contact page for more information and rates.


Verena Blok, Untitled (artist's film), 2021 (in production)

Hannah Dawn Henderson, “Smoke” (artist’s film), 2021 (in production)
Isabel Marcos, “Wet Architecture” (artist’s film), 2021
Erika Roux and Pilar Mata Dupont, Untitled (artist’s film), 2021 (in production)
Sophie Bates, “Dates” series (artist’s films), 2020-21 (ongoing, in production)
Natalia Sorzano, artist’s profile for Colombian television, 2020
Josephine Baan, “Versed in the Void” (performance documentation), 2020
Hotel Maria Kapel, “To that special someone, part II” (performance documentation), 2020
Rib, NL, event and performance documentation, 2020


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